5-Star technicians

Pest Specialists

5 Star’s Pest Control services are tailored for the pests most commonly found in Southern Arizona. Our highly experienced technicians can help you knock out any pest problem and still be family and pet friendly. Service is personalized by you and your technician. Your technician will remain the same to ensure consistent results.

joey pest control technician

Joey has been with 5 Star for over 20 years. He is a proud father and grandfather. He is one of the most knowledgeable pest control technicians that this company has had in its employ. He constantly researches to find better and safer ways to service his clients.

walter pest control technician

Walter re-joined 5 Star after he had moved to the Phoenix area for a short while. Walter has been in the industry a total of 18 years working both sides of the industry as a termite technician and as a pest control route manager. Walter also has a strong sense for customer service. If Walter does not know the answer to any question he will research it until he does. Walter has one daughter and is about to tie the knot!

john campbell pest technicial

John came to us from another local company. John is our “tekkie” pest control manager who is currently pursuing his degree from ASU. He is a dynamic problem-solver and his customers love him! He has been described by others as being “crazy smart.” Customers appreciate his ability to communicate what is going on and what he will be doing.

jonathan pest control specialist

Jonathan has been a pest control route manager since 2008. We are happy to have him on our team running the southern Tucson route. He is enjoying servicing residential, as well as commercial customers. In his personal time, Jonathan is a family man who enjoys spending time with his wife and children.

Meet your Termite Inspectors

kim pest control inspector

Kim has been with us since June of 2012. She is passionate about this business and about helping people protect their homes. She has a degree in Environmental Sciences from the U of A. She enjoys meeting with and educating homeowners and understands that the more a personal home owner knows about termites, the more they are able to help protect their home. She is married, loves horses and having a good time.

laura pest control inspector

Laura has been an inspector with us since April of 2013. She’s enjoyed learning this business and is passionate about working with people to educate them on how to keep their homes protected from termites. She understands and is passionate about home maintenance as she is also an active Realtor. She has two daughters, enjoys sports, movies and outdoor activities.

Meet your Termite Technicians

jorge termite technician

Jorge has worked with us since 2012 and heads the termite department. He is very insightful in treating homes for termites and always goes the extra mile. He has an excellent handle on why we treat termites the way we do. He is a skilled leader that keeps the termite department in tip-top shape. It may actually be impossible for the man to be angry because of the permanent smile stuck on his face. Also, He can habla español while fixing your termite problems. He has recently become engaged.

shawn termite technician

Shawn came to us in from the construction industry. He passed the certification process with flying colors the first time around. Customers appreciate his ability to get the job done quickly and appreciate him because he can move the big planters due to his strength. Shawn has six kids he enjoys spending time with as well as his dog. He actually enjoys doing taxes in his spare time.

jesus termite technician

Jesus came to us and passed his certification the first time around. Jesus has twin daughters and really enjoys his job. He is a people person. He has taken the initiative to find new ways of doing some tasks to give a better outcome.

andrew termite technician

Andrew is fairly new to the termite world. He loves to learn more about termite treatments and how the chemicals react with the environment and the insect. He is having a fun time playing with all the technical equipment such as the moisture meter and pipe/stud finder. He loves spending time with his son, and is looking forward to welcoming another child this year.