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Shelby Magnuson Hawkins born in a small farming community in Minnesota. Unfortunately for her parents she always seem to go against the grain and question most everything, After high school went to a small state college in southern Minnesota. Was encouraged by her Geology professor to seek higher ground. She got good grades there and was able to transfer to BYU. There her degrees are in Social Science, physical education, recreation and geology.  She went to Florida after graduation because of a job offer and because of her love of scuba diving. She was with the Vero Beach recreation department for 2 and a year with Indian River Community college before returning to her beloved mountains of Utah. She married in December 1975, had one child while living there and then moved to Tucson, Arizona in 1977. Two more children came along, all girls, and then divorced in 1981. 5 Star Termite and Pest control was started in 1980.

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