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5 Star Termite and Pest control started on February 8, 1980. Our Founder, Shelby Hawkins, was the first woman to receive her license. She is a self taught entomologist. She has two degrees from Brigham Young University. She has never felt unable to talk to college professors who were doing research on bugs and the materials we use to do our jobs. Dr. Jerald Wheeler, once described her as a flower among weeds. At a National Pest Controllers association meeting in Washington in 1989 she told Dr. Roger Gold of Texas A&M he was going to help her figure out a better method of treatments after chlordane was taken from the market. Dr. Gold consented to do that. Clearly Roger’s wife taught him well to never say no to a woman on a mission. With her knowledge of soil types from her minor degree in Geology and Dr. Gold’s research on chemicals and termites this power team went to work. Dr. Gold found there were microorganisms in the soil that ate the chemical to the point it was no longer effective. They both knew heat and light broke down chemicals. One question to Roger from our founder was ” if your research is correct and we both know about the heat and light why is the majority of the federal law soil application? Roger’s answer was, that’s the federal government”   After years of trial and error the method of above ground application born. However something else came into play, an article written by plant expert stating as our fruit trees grow and our vegetable plant grow they pick up the active ingredients in the chemicals placed in the ground. This became more motivation to make this treatment wide spread. Soon more of the same articles starting to appear. Our founder sent these articles to EPA in hopes they would change the federal label laws.

One particular treatment made a big difference for the spread of this type of treatment and that was a treatment done at the home of Ralph Steinfeld, a headhunter for the fortune 500 companies in the U.S. After many failures on his home he decided to use 5 Star Pest and our method. The treatment was successful so when Ralph got an order from Raytheon of Nevada for a termite expert who would not apply chemical on the ground in 1995  he faxed a job description to the office of 5 Star and requested our founder read it and apply for the job. Six months later Johnston Atoll was free of termites, and other insects which it had not been in over 40 years. It was there she was encouraged to apply for a U.S. patent on this method which she received on September 18, 2001. 5 Star continues to use this method with only low toxic materials not materials which have a second class carcinogenic in them.

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The Johnston Island Story

Johnston Atoll is 800 miles SW of Hawaii. It is an atoll that can be walked around in 45 minutes. Most of the island was a runway. It was the place where our government stored the chemical weapons from WWII and other various wars. The island was the home to the most feared termite on earth, the Formosan, which eats 6 times faster then the normal termite. It also had dry wood termites. Along with these wood destroying organism the island also provided a home for mice, scorpions, roaches and big ants. For nearly 40 years no one had been able to solve the termite problem on the island. Much of this had to do with the requirement of using chemicals on the island. Johnston Atoll is home to various bugs but its also a stop over point for birds traveling north to south and back again. It is also home to various tropical fish who reside in the lagoon. One of the requirements from the fish and game agents was no chemical on the ground. After Shelby’s above ground application method was approved, she divided the island in to 3 sections. Within each of the sections she would treat each building. This would kill any termite in the wood and any insect living in and around the building. Within 4 months she was making the island a pest free zone. One Sunday evening the “brass of the island” suggested to Shelby to patent this method. Many of them had been coming back and forth to the island for decades and had never seen anything like this. The patent was awarded on 9/18/2001. For the entire, interesting history of Johnston Atoll, click here.

APO AP 96558


Directory of Operations

To Whom It May Concern, This is a letter of recommendation for Ms Shelby Magnuson-Hawkins. Ms Magnuson-Hawkins served as the Lead Pest Control Specialist, Raytheon Services Nevada (RSN) Johnston Atoll Operations from June 1995 to December 1995. In this position she was responsible for the development and implementation of the entire island-wide pest control and management program. My positions is that of Director of Operations, Johnston Atoll. As the Director of Operations, I am responsible for the day-to-day operations of this remote island. Johnston Atoll is a small, isolated group of islands about 800 miles west-southwest of Honolulu, Hawaii. Johnston Island, the largest of the four islands is approximately one-square mile in area and its composition is dredged and crushed coral. This composition makes the ground very permeable to fluids or chemicals. Since no natural fresh water is available on the island, all fresh water is made by reverse osmosis by drawing water up from the aquifer. Any substance that might contaminate the aquifer can’t be used on the island. The main mission of Johnston Atoll is the demilitarization of chemical weapons. In order to protect the workers on the island a Red Blood Cell Cholinesterase (RBC-ChE) baseline determination is made, for all workers on the island. Therefore, the use of any chemical that would influence the RBC-ChE results, such as organophosphate based insecticides, is prohibited. During the short time Ms Magnuson-Hawkins was on Johnston Atoll she did a superb job of not only decreasing the population of termites, roaches, and other pests, but preventing their return with a remarkable long-term treatment methodology. This treatment methodology saved the Government several hundred thousand dollars, when compared to traditional fumigation methods, and used a environmentally safe chemical regimen that did not contaminate the aquifer or affected the RBC-ChE readings from our island workers. Additionally, her program created four pest-free structure zones and virtually eliminated pests from the island’s sewer system. In short, her pest control and management program did an excellent job, was very cost effective, and created a healthier environment for the island population. In summary, I believe Ms Magnuson-Hawkins made a tremendous positive impact on the health and welfare of Johnston Atoll. She was a model citizen, who is welcome back anytime, and an excellent worker whose work ethic is above reproach. I strongly recommend Ms Shelby Magnuson-Hawkins for any leadership or management position dealing with pest control and management. Her work is simply outstanding. If you require further information or need to speak with me about her work, I can be reached at (808) 622-4258, Monday through Friday, 7:30AM to 5:30PM, Hawaii time.



Director of Operations

APO AP 96558


25 November 1995

Commander, Johnston Atoll
To Whom It May Concern,

This is a letter of reference for Ms. Shelby Magnuson-Hawkins. Ms. Magnuson-Hawkins presently serves as the Lead Pest Control Specialist for Raytheon Services Nevada (RSN) Johnston Atoll Operations. My position is that of Commander, Johnston Atoll. As commander, I am concerned about the health, morale and welfare of all Johnston Atoll residents. As the lead pest control specialist, I can think of no other individual whose job deals more directly with those concerns of mine than Ms. Magnuson-Hawkins’. Through her expert skill and unwavering determination, she strives to ensures all island residents live in a rodent and insect free environment. By successfully accomplishing her duties, she is aiding me immeasurably to carry out my responsibilities as commander. I count her as an extremely important member of my team.

Johnston Atoll is a small group of islands located approximately 800 miles from Honolulu, Hawaii. Honolulu is the closest population center to Johnston Atoll, which means this one square mile island on which we live is very isolated. No matter what task an individual performs on this island, they face unique challenges unlike those faced by their counterparts in more populated areas. In the case of Ms. Magnuson-Hawkins, she is faced with accomplishing her task of keeping the island free of harmful insects and rodents, while trying at the same time to support an operation which is also a monitored, U. S. Government declared fish and wildlife refuge. Every insecticide and rodent trap she uses must pass careful scrutiny by U. S. Department of Interior Fish and Wildlife on-site personnel. Add that restriction to the fact that we are located in a tropical environment, and that we get all our food supplies from off island through sea and air shipments, which are prone to supporting transport of rodents, and you can understand the challenges she faces. Her response is a proactive yet environmentally safe and wildlife friendly approach which rates the highest marks for effectiveness, and go beyond anything I’ve ever encountered. I personally inspected the crawl space underneath our dining hall after she treated for cockroaches. Seeing is believing, and I saw none, where before the walls were literally covered with them. She does a phenomenal job, and always does it professionally.

In summary, I rate Ms. Magnuson-Hawkins a model citizen and excellent worker. She shares her good nature with all, both on and off duty. She is a frequent contributor and participant in island activities, and she demonstrates every day she can adapt to difficult circumstances and make the best of limited resources. Her work ethic is above reproach, and she is a highly qualified, totally competent, experienced pest control specialist. Without qualification, I recommend her for any pest control specialist position for which she may be considered. If you need to talk to me, I can be reached at (808) 6224258, Monday thru Saturday, 7:30AM to 5:30PM Hawaii time.


RICHARD T. KINGMAN Colonel, USAF Commander

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