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We at 5 Star Termite & Pest Control have been providing termite infestation solutions for Southern Arizona for over 31 years. During the last 15 of those years, we have developed and employed a new and extremely effective termite treatment process. In 2001, we received a US patent for this process called, ETT444®. The ETT444® treatment process involves the application of pesticide to the structural timber and wall voids, NOT the soil. The combination of multiple chemicals in ETT444® absorb into building materials at foundation level protecting everything above. The end result is a treatment superior in thoroughness and longevity to traditional methods.

5 Star Termite & Pest Control has been using the ETT444® foam treatment process to treat remodels, additions, and new construction since 1999. These are IDEAL scenarios for the application of ETT444® due to the accessibility of ALL wall voids and hard-to-reach areas during construction.

We urge you to consider 5 Star Termite & Pest Control’s ETT444® foam treatment process as an alternative to traditional soil application and pre-treatment methods provided by our competitors.

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Benefits of ETT444

5 Star’s owner and President, Shelby Hawkins, developed the patented process herself.  She began experimenting with above ground application of pesticides over fifteen years ago.  This was due to two major factors: her experience with the failures of traditional soil applications to control termite infestations and a concern for our environment after the horrible effects of harsh chemicals like DDT and Chlordane were fully realized.  This led to years of research and refinement of the process.  Then, in July, 2001 she was awarded a US patent for the unique process.  Shelby named it ETT444®.


The ETT444® process is a complete package encompassing the termites, chemistry, and construction of your home.

Have Chemically Sensitve, Eco-Conscious, or Aesthetically Obsessed Clients?

  • We always use a combination of chemicals to protect the home.
    • They range from well trusted and time tested sodium borates to botanically derived, lab synthesized organics that have little reactivity with mammals.
  • Homeowner & pet interaction with the chemical barrier is rare due to it being held safely in the wall void, absorbed into the termite’s food.
  • If retreatments do occur, the traditional “down drilling”, “angle drilling”, or “trenching” techniques will not be performed as corrective measures.
    • Homeowners will be happy to know that as a result of this practice, we will not be destroying the aesthetic value of any flooring (tile, linoleum, stained/sealed concrete), patio slabs (flagstone, et cetera), or landscaping of their new home.
  • Direct application of termiticide to building materials that termites will attack.
  • We treat the food source instead of the earth.

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