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Preparing for your Service

Do a general cleanup of the house and make sure items are picked up off the floor and put away. If you like to mop on a frequent basis, mop the night before the service.Keep grass trimmed and weeds non-existent.


Your service technician may also let you know additional ways to prepare, depending on the pest we are dealing with.

bed bugs
  1. Remove all bedding from the mattress and box spring. Remove the mattress from the box spring.
  2. Pick up all items off the floor and place in a plastic bag. Pull out any items stored under the bed.
  3. Remove clothing and other items from dresser drawers and night stands, place these items in a plastic bag to be laundered or heat treated. Placing items in a plastic bag will reduce the risk of spreading bed bugs to other parts of the house when moving items to laundry room or outdoors for heat treatment. Heat must reach a temperature of 120 degrees to effectively kill bed bugs and their eggs. Heat can be acheived with a dryer or by placing clothes in a  sealed bag and placed outside on a dark surface until they reach 120 degrees for a few hours.

Common Questions

Service Guarantee

Service must be performed monthly in order to receive a guarantee, after 6 months of continuous service we will guarantee service. Our customers have the option to go monthly, every other month or quarterly; just remember that in order to get that guarantee you need to schedule monthly. You get the best control of insects by having monthly service.

Keeping bugs out of your house

Make sure that doors have weather-stripping and a tight fitting threshold to keep the bugs from coming in. All windows should have screens that are in good condition and fit properly. Keep weeds eliminated, tall grass and weeds are a great harborage area and can provide food for most insects. Keep the kitchen area cleaned on a regular basis, put food away as soon as you are done preparing it. Store your pet’s food in a sealed container. Just like us, bugs need food, shelter and water to survive. If you interrupt any one of these the bugs will be sent packing to the neighbor’s house.

Why do I have more bugs than I had before?

The products we use have a flushing action to push the bugs across the pesticide barrier. It’s OK that you see more bugs; it means we flushed them out of their hiding areas. If the activity persists a 2 week follow up or more frequent service would be recommended until the pest population has been knocked down.

termites on wood

Termite Service

Thank you for choosing 5 Star Termite and Pest Control to protect your home against termite infestation.  This is a list of ways you, the homeowner, can help us help you and your home.  The following needs to be considered prior to the arrival of our technicians who will perform the treatment.

Please have all items moved 24 inches (at a minimum) away from walls that 5 Star will be treating.

The Inspector that met with you initially should have indicated to you verbally and written what areas the technicians would need access to during the treatment.  You can find this information on the second page (half way down, in the outlined box) of the Termite Protection Proposal that was left with you at the time of the initial inspection.  Having everything moved prior to the technicians’ arrival will allow them to complete their work unimpeded and provide YOU the best treatment possible.

Do you have valuable and/or Breakable items hanging on your walls?

If you have clocks, mirrors, picture frames, ceramics, collector plates, curios, et cetera hanging on the walls receiving treatment, please take them down.  We will be punching holes with a rubber mallet and/or using a drill to provide access to the wall voids of your home; these vibrations can cause these hanging items to fall and break.  Be on the safe side and remove anything you think will fall.

Does the paint still match your house?

We do our best to make the home look as good as possible.  A day or so prior to our technicians arriving find the paint you are providing, stir the paint up, and do a test spot somewhere on the exterior of the home to make sure it still matches.  The desert sun fades paint faster than you might think.  If your home hasn’t’t been painted in a few years, you may need to get a color match from a stucco chip or outlet box cover on the exterior of the home.

Pest Control Customer Service Rewards Program

Termite Customers

For you to take part in our Termite Customer Rewards Program, you must first be a current customer who has had at least a Full Termite Treatment preformed on your home or office. Secondly, you must be under contract, with all previous contract-renewal payments paid in full.

If you meet the criteria, you will be rewarded for every FULL or SUPERIOR Treatment preformed on your referred family, friend’s, neighbor’s, or colleague’s homes. You must make sure that your referral mentions your name and address when scheduling or at the time of their treatment to be rewarded. This program does not include referrals of Termite Spot Treatments of any kind.

Your reward will be a free extension of your Termite Service Contract, up to $150.00. If you have a renewal payment that is more than $150.00, 5 Star will credit you the $150.00 and you will have to pay the remaining balance for that year. You may participate in the program up to nine times.

Pest Control Customers

In order to take part in our Pest Control Customer Rewards Program, you must first be a current pest control customer. You must have all balances from previous treatments paid in full.

If you meet the criteria, you will be rewarded for every new customer you refer. A full initial pest control treatment must be performed on their home or office for you to be rewarded. You must make sure that your referral mentions your name and address when scheduling or at the time of their treatment to be rewarded. This program does not include referrals of previous customers in our system.

Your reward will be a $10.00 credit towards your next pest treatment. You may participate in this program as many times as you can send new customers to 5 Star.

Kids Coloring Book

The solitary bee or Leaf cutter bees are very efficient pollinators, but are solitary so they don’t present the same dangers that Honey Bees do. They are fun to watch and by following the instructions on this website you can encourage these wonderful pollinators in your own yard.

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