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Our residential service is as follows:


Monthly service. This is done every 30 days. It covers all the crawling insects. This is the best because not only is this is cure but its also a preventive service. This is done by doing the interior and then the exterior of the property. The next service is outside only and interior upon request if you are seeing problems. EPA has signaled us interior pest control may be ruled out some time in the future. If we can control the insects from the outside we can prevent them from coming inside. For those people who have a septic tank, that can be serviced too at the time of the first service. However, we must be made aware of the number of septic tanks on the property because there is a unique material we use.


Bi Monthly. Many of our winter visitors use this service. We do not recommend this service for people who do have a problem with ants, scorpions or roaches. The residual on the pesticides are only 20 to 25 days, after that there is no killing material working. The service is done every other month and is not guaranteed.


Quarterly service. This is done every 3 months. People who have this service usually are okay with seeing a few bugs now and then. We do not recommend this service between May to October only because this is our rainy season and bugs are abundant. Again because of the the limited residual of the materials we use there is no guarantee on the service.


Rodent control. We bait for the rodents so we can lower the population, but we also need to remove the pack rats’ nests. We spray the areas where the nests were so the pack rats won’t return to the area. We suggest the removal of cactus plants because this is where pack rats like to hang out. Roof rats are more difficult to get rid of. We have to bid these jobs on an individual bases. Small rodents must be baited and use of glue boards in key areas. All rodents carry disease, these are serious situations and must be addressed right away.

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