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This slideshow details the ETT444 foam process slowly transforming inside your walls, giving the materials enough time to penetrate into the wood members so that termites cannot eat or cross them. Note: the foam does slowly turn into a liquid and does not stay a rigid foam within the wall void.

5 Star Termite Control

In the desert southwest, dealing with termite infestation in your home or business is a must. Specifically in southern Arizona, we have more species of subterranean termites than anywhere else on the continent of North America. Besides the multitude of subterranean termite species we have to contend with, we also have the Western Drywood termite. Having your home or business regularly inspected and covered under a warranty contract is highly recommended. The adage “It’s not if, it’s when…” is an apt description for the potential of termite infestation in every building in southern Arizona.


To aid in the prevention of termite damage and infestation, 5 Star provides FREE INSPECTIONS to all buildings in the greater Tucson area. 5 Star also provides FREE PROPOSALS for preventative and active infestation treatments. 5 Star has several levels of treatment to better suit you and your home or office construction and infestation type. All treatments preformed by 5 Star use our patented treatment process, ETT444®.

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ETT444® is a low in toxicity alternative to traditional soil application treatments. ETT444® is a combination of two organic chemicals, purified water, and a surfactant that can be agitated into a slurry or foam and injected into your walls. This provides superior coverage and longevity of the termiticides (termite killing/preventing chemicals). Please, click the link to learn more about how 5 Star’s exclusive ETT444® termite treatment process can work for you.

Conducive Conditions for Termites

Of all the conducive conditions excessive moisture is the most important. Our founder researched this situation extensively by flying to College Station, Texas to visit with Dr. Roger Gold at Texas A&M. Dr. Gold was the entomologist to grow termites in a lab. What he found was that thousands of termites can live off one drop of water. These termites were from Texas where there is more rain than we have in Southern Arizona. Our termites here maybe able to live off far less than one drop of water. All wood destroying insects must have a 20% moisture content in the wood prior to being able to eat it. Property owners and home owners must make sure all skylights are sealed properly to avoid any moisture from getting in. That includes raw wood exposed to the elements outside, and if the wood has been painted make sure the wood is completely sealed. It may need a new coat of paint.


Examples of excessive moisture:

water pipe on side of house leaking
water pipe on side of house
leaking water pipe
ac unit surrounded with moisture

Faulty grade is also a very serious situation. This is where water flows toward the foundation of the structures. It is also where the ground is at the same level as the top of the foundation. As you can see in the picture this situation also created some called wood rot which gives off an odor what termites can smell. The patio flooring is made out of pavers which allow easy access from ground for the termites to enter the area. All termites communicate by sound and odor. I would bet the termites were making a lot of happy noises with this discovery. This can be easy resolved by cutting off the bottom of the T1-11 paneling sealing the wood and also sealing the pavers so both moisture and termites can not enter the structure.

house with rotting wooden panels

This is another example of faulty grade where the soil is at the same level as the foundation and the stucco goes to the ground giving the termites complete access to the walls of the home.

side of house where soil meets edge

Another example of faulty grade and excessive moisture. Weeds tell the tale of moisture near the foundation, the stucco at ground level is the faulty grade.

side of house with weeds

Planting bushes or other plants near the foundation is also to be avoided. These plants must be watered thereby giving the termite colonies a calling card to come to your home to invade it.

plants near house

This is called wood rot. This gives off an odor telling the termites there is weak wood in the area and to come and get it. The mission mother nature has given the termite colonies is to break down wood and return it to the earth. To the colonies, it doesn’t matter if the wood is in our homes or a fallen tree in the forest, their mission is to eat it. Wood rot is a bacteria and can be killed with soaking it in bleach, filling it in with wood putty and then sealed with a good paint or another sealant. This protects against water getting back into it.

damaged wood

Earth to wood contact is exactly what is says. Its where earth and wood touch. This is a direct line for the termite colonies to enter a structure. When a post does not directly enter the ground but maybe a few inches away from the earth the termites will see find it and build their tubes to the wood. Its very important to keep posts away from the earth. Even treated wood can be ate by termites. The natural elements, sun and heat will break down the chemicals in the wood over time so its best to keep wood away from the soil and make sure its well sealed from gaining any moisture content.

damaged wood pillar

Meet your Termite Inspectors

kim pest control inspector

Kim has been with us since June of 2012. She is passionate about this business and about helping people protect their homes. She has a degree in Environmental Sciences from the U of A. She enjoys meeting with and educating homeowners and understands that the more a personal home owner knows about termites, the more they are able to help protect their home. She is married, loves horses and having a good time.

laura pest control inspector

Laura has been an inspector with us since April of 2013. She’s enjoyed learning this business and is passionate about working with people to educate them on how to keep their homes protected from termites. She understands and is passionate about home maintenance as she is also an active Realtor. She has two daughters, enjoys sports, movies and outdoor activities.

Meet your Termite Technicians

jorge termite technician

Jorge has worked with us since 2012 and heads the termite department. He is very insightful in treating homes for termites and always goes the extra mile. He has an excellent handle on why we treat termites the way we do. He is a skilled leader that keeps the termite department in tip-top shape. It may actually be impossible for the man to be angry because of the permanent smile stuck on his face. Also, He can habla español while fixing your termite problems. He has recently become engaged.

shawn termite technician
Shawn, Termite Tech

Shawn came to us in from the construction industry. He passed the certification process with flying colors the first time around. Customers appreciate his ability to get the job done quickly and appreciate him because he can move the big planters due to his strength. Shawn has six kids he enjoys spending time with as well as his dog. He actually enjoys doing taxes in his spare time.

jesus termite technician
Jesus , Termite Tech

Jesus came to us and passed his certification the first time around. Jesus has twin daughters and really enjoys his job. He is a people person. He has taken the initiative to find new ways of doing some tasks to give a better outcome.

andrew termite technician
Andrew , Termite Tech

Andrew is fairly new to the termite world. He loves to learn more about termite treatments and how the chemicals react with the environment and the insect. He is having a fun time playing with all the technical equipment such as the moisture meter and pipe/stud finder. He loves spending time with his son, and is looking forward to welcoming another child this year.

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