Termites in Tucson

Termites in Tucson

Let’s talk about drywood termites. All termites must have a 19 to 20% content of moisture in the wood, drywood termites are no different. However, their only mode of transportation is swarming. When they swarm the wind picks them up and transports them to various places where they can set up housekeeping. Usually, it’s in an area where there is moisture.

In 1978 when our owner, Shelby, first started to do inspections for another company, drywood termites were only found within a 5-mile radius of the University of Arizona. The homes there were older and there was a lot of wood rot for them to start their new homes. As Tucson expanded so did the available nesting spots for drywood termites and other wood-destroying organisms. After the many forest fires on Mt. Lemmon, the population of drywood termites, powder post beetles, carpenter ants, and bees also grew. Prior to our foaming method coming on the market, most people would have their homes tented or fumigated.

Not only are these other methods costly; they are also not effective. The gases used have killed people but did not kill all the termites deep inside of the wood. Plus after the tents were taken off the structure, there was no residual to keep another colony from flying in and setting up house again. One way of dealing with these insects is to remove the damaged wood. The colony is inside the wood. Sometimes that is not a practical way of dealing with these guys.

The best way is to inject chemical into the wood. This is the treatment method we use. By using a surfactant, and purified water the natural capsular action in the wood will carry the chemical to the areas where the termites have set up housekeeping and kill them. Plus there is the residual there to keep other colonies from establishing a new home in the future.